Logo_ecomaris“Our sincerest thanks go to the Gainey Foundation for their generous financial support, which allows us to improve the safety of our seabound expeditions with young participants. Our expeditions allow youth to gain better understanding of the Saint-Lawrence river and gulf  environment. Thank you for believing in the power of adventure as a vector for social change and personal development.”

– Simon Paquin, Founder and General Manager, ÉcoMaris

uses team sailboat training and environmental discovery to create exceptional learning experiences that transform young participants’ lives.

The internships and expeditions give participants from all horizons the chance to discover the various marine ecosystems and various nautical careers.

The pedagogical approach is based on experience. Through adventure, the youth develop decision-making and accountability skills, and develop their intellect, imagination, leadership, self-confidence and autonomy.

Adventure and interaction with the natural environment also allow participants to reach their potential, widen their horizons and achieve a greater sense of individual responsibility. Developing social skills, leadership and individual responsibility is often a prerequisite for successful personal and professional development. However, human competency is more often developed through life experiences than at school. Their hands-on field pedagogy appeals to the physical, emotional, social and intellectual dimensions of the person. In a given situation, participants must adapt, take decisions, innovate and overcome obstacles in their development.


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