Environment Centre


“We owe a great deal to the Gainey Foundation!  With their support, we have become a catalyst for environmental education in the Peterborough region and beyond.  Thanks to the Gainey Foundation, we are helping to build positive stewards for a greener tomorrow .”

– Jacob RodenburgExecutive Director



Inspiring hope.  Inspiring environmental stewardship.  That is the vision of the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre.  Made possible by the generosity of the Gainey Foundation, the Centre showcases sustainable living in action.  Designed and built by Fleming College’s Sustainable Building Program by 26 student volunteers over 20 weeks in 2009, the centre showcases green building techniques in action.  Located at Trent University, the centre showcases innovative green architecture such as straw bale construction, a living roof, rain water collection, wetland water treatment, geothermal, natural building materials, active and passive solar power and composting toilets.  The Camp Kawartha Environment Centre helps create a culture of sustainability within our community by teaching students and adults ways in which we can conserve energy, reduce waste and enhance green spaces.   We believe that this low cost model for environmental engagement can serve as an inspiring example for other communities throughout Canada.

  • At the Camp Kawartha Environment centre offers over 30 curriculum linked programs that teach elementary and high schools students about sustainable living practices such as alternative energy generation, energy and water conservation, protecting local habitats, naturalization of school grounds and backyards and encouraging green building techniques.  Over the past 4 years, they have taught more than 8,000 students about environmental stewardship.
  • Thanks to the Gainey Foundation, they’ve established an environmental arts program.  By enhancing sensory awareness and by practicing nature appreciation through artistic expression, we deepen a child’s connection to the living systems that sustain use all.  These programs seek to make a complementary balance between science and art.  The art projects help to further anchor student’s knowledge of an environmental concept.
  • Camp Kawartha, in partnership with Trent University, created an Eco-Mentor Program for Trent’s School of Education.  Unique in Ontario, this certificate program provides student teachers with the skills and knowledge to become Eco-Mentors for their future schools.  By participating in a series of workshops delivered jointly by Camp Kawartha staff, Trent professors and guest speakers, student teachers develop the skills, knowledge and awareness to teach environmental education at their future schools.
  • Together with the Otonabee Region Conservation Authority (ORCA), Camp Kawartha has developed an innovative “Be a Water Steward” program for elementary and high school students.  Children learn about watersheds, water conservation and sustainability at the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre.  These same students visit a local watershed near their school with ORCA educators and participate in wetland rehabilitation activities, ecological monitoring and the Yellowfish Road Program.
  • In partnership with the Royal Bank, Camp Kawartha delivered over 30 workshops on sustainable living to our community.
  • Camp Kawartha Environment Centre is fostering nature connection through its Forest Friday Homeschooling program and Oaks and Acorns – a program for moms and toddlers – inspiring new families to experience the natural world.  The centre also offers four, week long environmental day camps throughout the summer
  • Camp Kawartha has also acted as a mentor in helping to establish two new outdoor centres and has partnered with Wollaston Township and the Association of Stoney Lake Cottagers to jointly deliver environmental outreach day camps.

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